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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Vintage Style

After a month of sitting in my shelf for a month, I was finally able to finish reading "Vintage Style: Buying and Classic Vintage Clothes" by Tiffany Dubin, Ann E. Berman. I found it in National Bookstore's bargain bin in the store annual sale period. I didn't regret buying it because the book's quite a good read as it is not only entertaining but informative as well about the origins of a particular style.

Being the clotheshorse that I am, I simply loved the way they created three different looks with each particular piece - casual, work and dressy. Some looks were combined with modern pieces but most were combined with other vintage items from another era that gave it a really unique twist. My favorites would have to be original pink Andre Courtege bomber jacket owned by television personality Sloan and the red princess dress modeled by news producer Su Lin.

I suddenly remembered the Vintage Bazaar in Rockwell last 26 - 28 August. Looking back, it was quite a disappointment because it wasn't really a vintage sale. Sure there were people selling old stuff but most dates up to the 80's only. Also, there were a lot of stalls dedicated to the boho style - urrgh! Enough already! The whole event, in my view, was more like a dignified ukay-ukay whereby people would get to milk money out of their old clothes instead of just giving it away to charity.

There were, however, some notable stalls - the bag and jewelry consigner with the Php10,000 unused, limited-edition Louis Vuitton bag; the designer that alters vintage clothes to give it some added spunk; the stall with a lot of cute-but-you'll-never-see-it-anywhere caboodles.

An unexpected thing also happened - I got to meet up with Emily, an old classmate from college. She and her friends has a booth there. I forgot the name of her friend but she was selling this cute shoulder bag from Prada for only Php3,000! I loved the style of the bag but unfortunately, I deeemed it unsalvageable because of it's lock is broken. When they brought it to the bazaar, the weren't able to close it. When I managed to close the bag, it wouldn't budge when everytime took turns to try and open it. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Oh well, better luck next time. I should also remember to try visiting more often the vintage shops, consignment stores and flea markets when I get back to LA and NYC.


  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger Arashi-KIshu said…

    ugh, pretentiousness at its finest. I heard that rich people use "my aunt's closet" as an acroym for ukay!

  • At 6:24 PM, Blogger Miranda said…

    Speaking of Ukay, when are we going to that Ukay in Quezon Ave? *smiles*

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