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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I am just so chuffed that I got such great bargains from Robinsons' 3-Day-Sale over the weekend. I dismissed my Friday class 30 minutes early and headed straight to Robinsons Place Ermita to take a peek at what they have to offer. I was first disappointed as I didn't find anything good to buy on the first 30 minutes that I was in the mall - nothing that I liked over at Folded and Hung, Mendrez or Mango; the skirt that I wanted from Sari-Sari only had a 10% discount and they also didn't have it in my size; the Victorinox laptop bag that I was eyeing on was not on sale; the Brian Bauffel bag over at McJim's is still out of my budget even though the price was slashed by 50%. The saleslady at McJim also ticked me off because when I was inspecting the bag, she proudly beemed to me that the bag is from Buffalo. I didn't want to embarrass her but in my mind I was saying "Tsk, tsk, tsk you're an employee and you don't even know the correct brand that you're selling to me." Brian Bauffel is infinitely better than Buffalo! Duh!

All that started to change when I got to the other side of the mall - the pair of strappy sandals that I wanted for the longest time from Charles and Keith was on sale for only Php 600 (there is, however, a Php 50 surcharge for payments using plastic) from an original price of Php 1,700! I bought a pair in chocolate brown to match the tweed dress that I got from Mango several weeks ago. Over at Celine, I finally found the perfect satchel that I was looking for. For the last couple of months, I've started a quest for the perfect bag and I wasn't able to find any -- that is, until now (Cathy can attest to that). It was such a sweet deal as well because it went down from Php 2,699 to a mere Php 499! I checked out Rustans and fell instantly in love with a orange and pink high-heeled cut-out pumps from their in-house brand U. I was a little dismayed because somebody put the wrong tag on the shoes - it displayed Php 395 instead of the correct discounted price of Php 595 (original price is Php 1,095). It was such a bummer but the staff's customer relations more than made up for their little boo-boo when I asked one of the sales clerk to give me a better shoe box as the box that came with my shoes was in such a poor condition.

The next day, I went to Robinsons' Place Metroeast with my sister for some quality bonding time. First stop was Bench. I bought a pale mustard-colored cotton and lace tunic that reminded me of the one that Mariah Carey wore for her video "We Belong Together" for Php 399. I also spotted this ingenious keychain that they have - a cute and portable screwdriver (one flat type and one Philips type) for Php 135 (Keychains not included in the discounted items). I then went to Kamiseta to wait for my sister. I was ecstatic because for the price of a regular shirt, I was able to buy 3 items - a white cotton and lace tunic that went from Php 800 something to only Php 200+ (70% discount), a subdued green tank top with stretchy lace trimmings for Php 200+ (50% discount) and their very cute drawstring cotton nightie shorts for Php 300+ (50%).

I found even better discounts when I got to the fourth floor - a blue plaid mini skirt that reminds me of a prep-school uniform for only Php 100 and this funky one-piece plaid dress that closely resembles the cloth used by Burberry for Php 250. Both items I got from Guerilla Wear.

The only damper on this blissful day of shopping is the pesky saleslady from Petite Monde that keeps on tailing you throughout the entire store like a damn stalker and who keeps on repeating "Try na kayo ma'am (Try it on ma'am)" and "Bili na kayo ma'am (Buy it, ma'am)" every 10 seconds or so. I hate those type of salespeople!

Anyhoo, I'll be back by this weekend for updates on the Vintage Sale at the Rockwell Tent in the Powerplant Mall.


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  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous madge said…

    hi! just want to tell you that i always experience petite monde salesladies following me and suggesting this & that everytime i visit their store. i feel so annoyed. it would have been a better service if they will come once you ask for them. i tried mega mall petite monde, grabe, same pa rin yung mga sales ladies. is it bec of the management? baka instruction sa kanila yun?


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